How did I get into homelabbing/selfhosting?
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How did I get into homelabbing/selfhosting?

You're probably wondering how I, and many others got into selfhosting/homelabbing. I've started like this:

8 year old me wanted a Minecraft Server. Turned an old laptop into a 'server'.

4 years later, the server was not running anymore (it had only ran for about half a year). I was using my old workstation as a server. It was a HP Z400 with a Xeon W3565 (4C8T @ 3.2GHz), 16GB of DDR3 RAM. I tossed some (new, NAS drives, don't worry) HDD's in and called it a day. Hosted my very first own site on there and after a while I wanted more and installed glorious Ubuntu Server on it instead of debloated Microshit Windows 10. After having quite an amount of devices connected to my router, I needed a switch. At the time I went for a TP-Link TL-SG1024D switch. It's an unmanaged 24-ports gigabit switch, this was rackmountable, which made me want to buy a serverrack.

After a while I wanted to host some applications, do some Docker thinkering, use some more CPU and RAM. I invested in a new system: Ryzen 7 2700X, 24GB ram (didn't need more at the time), and the same drives again + some old ones I had for random storage that didn't need to be reliable.

Until recently, this all was in my 'utility closet' (couldn't find a better translation). Recently I moved everything to my room, after I got Ethernet over Coax here. I then had Gigabit ethernet in my room and connected my server here. I currently still have the following setup:

My network as of 1-6-2022

Recently I added and old PC and old laptop to my servers. I will still have one production server and the other two won't run 24/7 but I wanted to experiment with them as well.

My access points are Arcadyans and my wireless access points are Sagemcoms, as my current ISP router is.

I have a TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 with OpenWRT in my room for testing purposes and my new Mikrotik router should be here soon, and I'll make a blog post about that thing too once it arrives.